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Bring Electric Vehicle Technologies Home: A Way for Zambian Customers to Learn

Mr. James Ndambo is the Chairman of Africa Union Holdings (PTY) Ltd from Zambia. In January 2011, Mr. James Ndambo came to FUTENGDA for business and cooperation. Contributing to the welfare of his hometown,he ordered 500 unites electric scooters to improve underclass people’s living standard.


March 2012, Africa Union Holdings (PTY) Ltd sent 7 people to FUTENGDA for training. During the two weeks’ training time, they mastered basic production engineering and the conventional repairing technology.

In that period, the 7 guests were specially invited to attend the opening ceremony of “Electric Vehicle Supermarket of South China”. And even they were interviewed by Shenzhen TV.


During the continued co-operation, Africa Union Holdings (PTY) Ltd has sent his staffs to FUTENGDA for technique training for several times. High quality products and excellent after-sales service, has made Mr. James Ndambo determined to keep cooperation with FUTENGDA for many years and contribute more welfare for Zambia’s people.


All overseas customers not only buy the qualitfied electric vehicles, and also have a hot sale in their market, which has always been the purpose that FUTENGDA struggles to pursue. FUTENGDA has been committed to supply the electric vehicles and technical services to overseas customers, and make MILG e-bike go farther in the world.

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